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Escaping Water

An exhibition by Dominika Trapp

Opening: 16. 06. 2022. 7 pm

On view until: 16. 09. 2022.

A selection from the newest paintings by Dominika Trapp.

Opening speech: Imre Bartók

“One of the main goals for me right now is to return to that kind of intuitive painting, that I have been exclusively engaged in 12-15 ago, and which I have abandoned for the sake of other conceptual, collaborative, research-based works, because I felt it being too uncontrollable, and it also made me feel too vulnerable. (...) At last, I’d like to submit myself again to my visions, and unfold the metaphor of the material escaping from the function-giving form through my images. "

(fragment from Dominika Trapp’s letter of invitation to Imre Bartók)

"These artworks are often aimed at forming the desubjectivated personal in the spirit of sensus communis or common sense while at the same time still preserving something from the authenticity of the personal, the mysticism of the innermost core of spiritual life, and the aesthetic autonomy of art that cannot be subordinated to anything."

(fragment from Zsolt Miklósvölgyi’s essay Life reformed as a work of art, on Dominika Trapp’s latest works)

The exhibition is supported by the National Cultural Fund.