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The New and Unknown World

An exhibition of Dávid Biró, Jolanta Marcolla, Mózes Márton Murányi and Dominika Trapp

Opening: 29 May, 2019, 6 pm


The exhibition called The New and Unknown World features the most recent or lesser known works by the artists of the gallery. Various forms of artistic exploration will be represented such as the photographic analysis of light, a sculpture inspired by a sequence of numbers or the precise documentation of a seemingly simple movement. 

The essence of the works is the observation of science, nature or human behaviour. Through these artworks we gain insight to the artistic processes of understanding the world around us.

Dávid Biró is a photographer based in Budapest. In 2018 he was a finalist of the ING Unseen Talent Award in Amsterdam. Jolanta Marcolla was a member of the experimental art scene in Poland in the 1970s. With Natalia LL, she belonged to the circle of artists of the Permafo gallery in Wrocław. Her photographs and videos are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Elements of sculpture, photography and performance are integral parts of the works by Mózes Márton Murányi. Last year he exhibited with Tamás Kaszás at Labor Gallery. Dominika Trapp graduated as a painter from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. This year she will participate the residency program of Visegrad Fund and Art in General in New York.

To visit the exhibition in June and in July please make an appointment.