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An exhibition of László Rajk

Opening: 14 February, 2019, 6 pm

László Rajk is an architect, stage designer and author of experimental urban projects. His versatile ouevre features the motifs of Russian constructivism, radical aesthetics and revolutionary thinking. Some of his ideas were only realized as grandiose plans, others are preserved by films or existing in various cities. The exhibition of Trapéz gallery showcases the sketches of built and never constructed works: drawings and models on the verge of architecture and fantasy. 

The film theater designed by Emil Bauer was built in 1922 and was refurbished from 1994 until 1998. Rajk deconstructed the enterior of the Corvin cinema by using mirrors with different surfaces. Some mirrors are utterly flat while others form angles: the illusion is formed by the various viewpoints according to the position of the visitor. 

The building of the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna designed by László Rajk, János Balázs and Írisz Borsos shows the characteristics of constructivism. The windows are placed slightly deeper than the facade. These wavy architectural elements are breaking the geometrical rules constructed by the surrounding buildings. 

The Lehel Market Hall is a significant building that had a remarkable impact on the architectural landscape of Budapest: many layers of different styles summarize Rajk’s concept, called the radical eclecticism. The original model exhibited allows us to learn more about the structure of the bridge on the front side of the Hall. 

Bio Tower in the Buda Castle was designed for a competition of the redesigning of the building of the Ministry of National Defence. Although the building was never realized it follows the principles of layered architecture that reflects on the rich architectural landscape of the Buda Castle in Budapest.

The sketches of some fragmented ideas give insights into the design methods of Rajk. Some drawings are just rough sketches while some are realistic plans that were actually built, such as the plans of the Aquincum Museum or the draft of the setting of the Academy Award winning Hungarian film, Son of Saul. 

The academic inauguration exhibition of László Rajk is on view from 7 February, 2019 until 3 March at Fuga - Budapest Center of Architecture.