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T R A P É Z 1. 

Csilla Klenyánszki, Damir Očko, Peter Puklus, Beatrix Szörényi, Marko Tadić, Ádám Ulbert

21. 06 – 31. 07. 2013.

In our summer group show we exhibit the latest works from our artists who either already debuted in Trapéz since the December of 2012 or will have their own solo show in the near future. Most of the exhibited artists are already well known for the Hungarian audience, the others are new to the contemporary art scene in our country but already successful internationally. With this exhibition we would like to give an overview of the profile and programme of Trapéz.

CSILLA KLENYÁNSZKI lives in Rotterdam and uses inspiration from her own environment as themes for her photographs. The surreal photos in the X marks the spot series are on the playful borderline between imagination and reality, with familiar yet still strange objects in the focus. One of the most important part in her research is to explore and expand the opportunities in typical everyday objects in her own home. She builds and sets the themes of the photographs before taking a photo of them.

DAMIR OCKO, a Croatian contemporary artist with a lot of success in Western Europe, is now displayed with three new collages. With cityscapes collapsed if they were pictures of a kaleidoscope, these minimalistic, black and white collages are based on the artist's own photographs and found graphic elements.

The visitors can see a sneak peek from the newest series of PETER PUKLUS. The epic love story of a warrior is a series of photographs portraying the history of a fictional Eastern European family in the 20th century. The artwork exhibited now is consists of two parts, a photograph and a belonging installation, a bicycle in this case. These two pieces together show a certain level of development in studio photography when the photo itself becomes a detail of the whole work and acts as an explanation to it.

These two new collages from the Függelék series, which has many different interpretations, are a preview of BEATRIX SZÖRÉNYI's upcoming solo show in the autumn. These pages and paper cutouts are attached to each other and hanging in a free, layer like manner and use the tools of disguise and highlighting. Similary to literary appendixes and footnotes these collages complete and describe a bigger object which in this case is missing, it is hard to even suspect it. The appendixes can be seen as recalls of the basic ideas in the artist's previous works.

MARKO TADIC, a Croatian artist living in Zagreb, among collages and drawings, has old, found, modified and redrawn postcards in his portfolio which he interlinks into fictive stories. The postcard based animation entitled Borne by the birds exhibited now is an imaginary story as well, which is about the fictional connection between different dimensions of the past and visionary places. His first solo show is going to be at the end of the year in Trapéz.

We chose two pieces from a series named Arcadia from ÁDÁM ULBERT as these artworks are basically act as grounds for possible variations of the motifs used by the artist. On the paper based, mixed medium works the mark like elements are kept in within the visual domain of pop with the specific choices of colour and material. Despite the spontaneous looking image composition the inner structure of the artworks is very defined.