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12.11. 2012 - 01.25. 2013

Peter Puklus is a photographer living in Budapest, Hungary. He finished his studies at the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. He has two monographical editions: ’One and a Half Meter’ and ’Handbook to the Stars’. The book 'One and a half meter' (published by Kehrer Verlag) has been nominated for the German Photo Book Award 2013. He participated at the residency programme of St a nica Contemporary in Banska Stiavnica, where he finished his series what is on show in TRAPÉZ. 

Puklus appropriates a new and interesting genre of photo based sculpture with this series, as he built objects and installations from found objects. The black and white photographs about these installations can remind us on the structures of the Bauhaus or the Russian Constructivism, even can evoke some of Man Ray’s and Moholy Nagy’s photograms. 

Peter Puklus created a series of photographs where he expanded the genres of city still‐life and atelier‐ scape to point out the associative character of the human brain. The parts of the series are connected to each other in many different ways; same as in the book edition of the series wherein the positions of the photographs reminds us on the atlas of the universe. The connection points of the images always depends on the viewer, the variations are endless and there is no rule which can control that. We follow this theory at the exhibition arrangement as well, where we show photographs made about object‐constructions from the atelier of Puklus.