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Mara Omara OLÁH (1945-2020)

Born in 1945, in Monor, Hungary.

She begins to paint at the age of 43, after the traumas in her personal life

She gives away her first artworks, but she keeps one, which presents her eye-surgery. In November of 1988, she takes this picture to the National Gallery, where they encourage her to keep painting. 

The main topics of her work are the difficulties of minority existence, poverty, and life as a woman. The peculiarity of her pictures is a frequent use of text, which helps to unfold and evaluate her stories depicted.

In 2007, she exhibits in the Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

For the last 10 years of her life, she moves from Budapest to Szarvasgede in Nógrád County, and among other pictures she’s working on a series of thousands of miniatures, painted on cut cigarette boxes.


2018 I don’t care about your negative opinion, Trapéz, Budapest

2017 Think what you want, AQB, Budapest 

2011 Liget Gallery

1991 Vizivárosi Gallery


2010 Shukar! (=Pretty) – Contemporary art of Roma women, Institue of Hungarian Culture, New York

2009 Gender check, Mumok, Vienna 

2007 Lost Paradise, Roma Pavilon, Venice Biennale, Venice 

2006 Common space, Ernst Museum, Budapest

2004 Silenced holocaust, Kunsthalle, Budapest


Ludwig Museum, Budapest

Omara Mara Oláh I do not care about negative opinion

Omara Mara Oláh Omara Mara Oláh